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NEWTON – Takes to the skies!

Article posted: May 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

AEF slots are not available everyday, so when some became available today, there was much competition among the 1936 (Newton) Squadron Cadets to grab one of the few available places.

The cadets had a full day out, Accompanied by CIs Andrew Sherwin and Sean Swales , leaving before 9am, and returning after 4pm, but not one of them thought that too long a time, to pay for their 25 minute to 35 minute flights.

Before the flights begin, there is the mandatory safety briefing which is repeated for every flight, no matter how experienced the cadet. This is followed with parachute drill, (safety is always put first on AEFs)

Then it’s off to the fitting room for flight suit, helmet and gloves. Before the nervous waiting in the ready room for their flight. And once it suited and booted, all nerves are forgotten in the anticipation of a good flight.

Post flight, tales were swapped in the crew room of the various aerobatic barrel rolls, loops, and stall turns that the Cadets had performed, many with their own hands on the controls, (experienced pilots ALWAYS at the ready to take over).

One of the interesting roles of the CIs that accompany the cadets, is to track the landings and take-offs of the aircraft with binoculars and scanner, to keep the logs of the various aircraft flying, the flight times, the names of the pilots and the names of Cadets themselves, then to update the 3822’s with the information.

By CI Sean Swales
1936 (Newton) Sqn ATC