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Newton Achieves at Wing Field Day

Article posted: Jul 18, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 8th of July, 1936 (Newton) Squadron and 2425 (Nottingham Airport) went to the annual Wing Field Day competition at RAF Wittering, where the Wing’s HQ is located. This day consisted of all the Squadrons within the Wing being put against each other in various activities which the ATC offers to all its Cadets. These activities ranged from: a drill competition, to modelling, to first aid, to shooting.

The coach arrived at Newton’s Squadron building at 7:15am, rather early to say it’s a Sunday morning, once getting on the bus already half full with Tollerton Cadets, the coach set off for RAF Wittering.

Once arriving at RAF Wittering, the two Squadrons set up some shade for the Cadets to sit under on this blistering hot day, when not doing events for the competition. You know it’s hot when the polish melts off the toe caps of your parade shoes.

The first event of the day which Newton took part in was the drill competition. The team had been training for this day for many weeks, putting in many non-parade night hours to perfect their routine. The team had no adult involved at all, trained completely by CWO Guyle Wilson, also the team’s NCO IC.

Throughout the day, the Squadron teams went to First Aid, Air Rec and various other events. Once all the events were finished, it was onto final parade for the whole Wing.

While on final parade, as well as the results of the events being announced, the Wing was introduced to the new Wing President and the new Regional Commandant of C&E Region.

Newton did very well this year, placing 3rd overall in First Aid, only a handful of points away from coming 2nd. Newton also placed 2nd in the Wing for Media, coming within the top 3 at Media for a second year running.

Sgt Connor Levers
1936 (Newton) Squadron
Squadron Cadet MCO