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Newton Air Cadets Tackle a Grave Job!

Article posted: Aug 20, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Tuesday 6th August, Cdt Sammie Lewis and Cdt Stephen Swales of 1936 Newton Squadron volunteered to help clear undergrowth, 4ft high nettles, young elder trees and weeds from part of the churchyard at St John of Beverley Church, Whatton in the Vale.

During the Spring and early Summer the wet weather spurred on anything that could grow and the churchyard has begun to look badly neglected. Cdts Lewis and Swales also raked up hedge cuttings after Kevin had cut the east hedge and delighted in removing enormous amounts of ivy from trees and gravestones and finding bugs! All the waste was taken to the far end of the churchyard for a bonfire.

Both Sammie and Stephen worked extremely hard and were complimented on their efforts by local villagers who said they had made an enormous difference and that it was nice to see young people helping in such a way. Their work will be noted as part of their service in the community project for their DofE.

Mention should also be made that Cdt Newton similarly came over to Whatton to help work clearing weeds from the stone apron around the church earlier in the year.

It is hoped to raise another working party to continue with this valuable work during the next few months.

Mrs Janet Greasley
1936 Civ Com Chair & Acting Churchwarden & Treasurer, Whatton Church