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Newton All Ship Shape in Skegness

Article posted: Oct 05, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Sunday 25th September 2010 cadets from 1936 NEWTON Squadron together with a contingent from 2425 Squadron went to the sea side town of Skegness for the day as a thank you for the cadets hard work.

Pilot Officer Helen Day and Mrs Colleen Rothwell journeyed to the town with almost 30 cadets, to see the sights, check out the arcades and as a highlight, visit the town’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution station. Skegness, and indeed the Lincolnshire Coast, has benefited from a Lifeboat station for 175 years, with teams of volunteers venturing to sea in order to save others.

The RNLI, which has two Lifeboat’s at Skegness, the second of which was obtained in mid 2010, and named Peterborough Beer Festival IV, were more than happy to show the cadets around the vessels.
Apart from teaching the cadets some sea faring phrases of choice, the Life boat men showed the cadets around the station for over an hour and a half, including not only the vessels, but watch tower and crew rooms, which are areas that are not usually accessible to the public.

Cadets ready for action

Newton Cadet NCO’s tried on the Ocean going survival wear, and were given lessons in sea navigation before the end of the visit. Unfortunately, due to poor weather of Gale Force 7, a planned trip to sea was abandoned.

With the day nearing its end, there was only two last things to do. CWO Finch won a new mascot of a Red Devil in the arcade and much Skegness Rock was bought for the Squadron Warrant Officer!

By WO R.C. Phillips
1936 Squadron MCO & WWO