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Newton assists Nottingham Rugby Club

Article posted: Mar 06, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cadets and Staff from 1936 NEWTON Sqn recently had the honour of attending Nottingham Rugby Club to assist during the Nottingham v Worcester Warriors match.

The game, after a busy day attending an ATC Sunday Parade on Sunday 6 February, was a major part of the squadron program and was a high profile event that also helped to raise awareness and cash for the Help for Heroes charity. Before the match, and at the entrance to Meadow Lane, cadets assisted in selling charity merchandise for Help for Heroes, which eager match goers fully supported.

Newton cadets formed a guard of honour for the competing teams, lining the field where players ran onto the ground, and holding club flags aloft to the cheering crowds. The match itself was shown live on Sky Sports, and unexpectedly, Newton’s finest were called to center stage to assist the Sky Sports production team in making sure the transmission went smoothly and sports fans could appreciate the full feel of the game! Several cadets were issued with large hand held TV microphones and instructed to run up and down the side lines, microphones out stretched to catch the full noise of the teams. Luckily, the cadets had eaten Weetabix for breakfast!

As at all matches, the Nottingham mascot Archie the stag was in attendance waving at the crowds. However, to everyone’s surprise the man in the furry animal suit was no less than Newton’s own Cadet Corporal Tom Dodge, who volunteers in his spare time to play the role of Archie. He even has his own Nottingham Rugby Club internet Archie page!

After watching the game, which ended with Nottingham 24 to Worchester’s 38, cadets again assisted in selling charity items. Flt Lt Jodi Hudson, OC 1936 Sqn said “Our Cadets really enjoyed being a part of this high-profile event, it was a unique opportunity for everyone involved and I am pleased that 1936 (Newton) Squadron could be a part of it.”

By WO R.C. Phillips
1936 Squadron MCO & WWO