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Newton Cadet on RAF Police Work Experience

Article posted: Nov 24, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cadet Alice Martin from 1936 (Newton) Squadron has recently attended the RAF Police work experience course at RAF Halton, with a total of 29 other cadets from across the UK.

The October course, was a great 4 day experience of many action packed activities including the RAF fitness test, swimming and bleep tests, to visiting the various departments that allow the RAF Police to function efficiently in their role of Force Protection. Alice spent time with the police dog section and was shown how the dog section train the high quality animals for attack and drug searches. Of particular interest was the forensic laboratories, which work on the same lines as their civilian counter parts in helping to detect crime. Alice also attended in depth lectures on security and the role of Force Protection.

The extensive working day for the cadets started at 0630 and was a mixture of class room activities and physical working ending if the cadets still had the strength, with a welcome social evening of bowling!

A highlight of the experience for Alice was actually being able to meet serving RAF Police officers who have recently returned from Tours of Duty in theatres such as Afghanistan and in recent years, Iraq. This gave a realisation that the RAF Police not only provide normal policing duties at home and provide security of RAF Stations, but are also in combat protecting installations and lines of communications.

Alice, aged 16 said, “I really enjoyed the course and although I want to join the civilian police force, I really appreciate what the RAF Police do. I would encourage anyone to take part in the courses and take advantage of what is on offer to the ATC.”

By WO R.C. Phillips
WWO & 1936 Sqn