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Newton Cadet Provides On-street First Aid

Article posted: Aug 04, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cadet Corporal Guyle Wilson (15) of 1936 (Newton) Squadron has always shown an interest in first aid, but never thought that he would need to swing into action and potentially save a life!

On Wednesday 12th May 2010, at 4pm, while travelling home on his school bus, the vehicle came to an abrupt halt, causing Cpl Wilson to walk to the front of the bus to look at the hold up. There lying in the road with her dog which she had been walking, was a woman with several members of the public standing around her. Taking it upon himself to leave the bus, he went across to the crowd and made inquiries as to what the problem was. Guyle was informed that the woman had suddenly become ill, collapsed to the ground and began to vomit. Upon hearing this, Guyle asked those watching if an ambulance had been called, to which the watching crowd replied “no”.

With this information, Guyle decided to take command of the situation and ordered a passer by to call for assistance and instructed them word for word as to what to say. Another member of the public ventured information that they were first aid trained and assisted Guyle to place the collapsed woman into the recovery position, while Guyle asked important questions regarding what had happened – had the woman been drinking and was she subject to medication. Due to these questions, and being able to suitably calm her down, the woman ventured that she had taken medication. However she also stated that she had taken alcohol which had reacted with the medication causing her illness.

Guyle was aware that the incident was blocking the highway, and suitably assured that he could do so, he moved the woman to the side of the road, and instructed traffic to continue moving. Shortly after this, an ambulance crew arrived and Guyle clearly informed the crew of his information that he had gained from the woman.

Such is his modesty, Guyle waited several weeks before informing Squadron staff or his team mates of what had happened during his trip home. Described by the Head Teacher of Toot Hill School as a “Credit to the School”, it can surely be said that Corporal Wilson is also a credit to 1936 (Newton) Squadron and to the wider Air Training Corps. Adding his praise for Corporal Wilson’s actions, Flt Lt Jodi Hudson (OC 1936 Sqn) said: “We are all very proud of what Guyle was able to do to assist during this serious situation, the level of courage and dedication he displayed is an example to us all”.

By WO Rob Phillips
1936 (Newton) Squadron