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Newton Cadets Put their First Aid to Good Use

Article posted: Oct 22, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

What would you do when confronted with an injured man on the side of the road?

Three cadets from 1936 Newton squadron found themselves in this very scenario on their way to the local leisure centre for swimming training, in preparation for Wing Swimming.

Whilst travelling to the event, they happened to spot a man on the side of the road. Feeling concerned for his welfare they immediately stopped to see if they could provide assistance, having recently attended a Youth First Aid course ran on the squadron.

They proceeded to give first aid treatment and provided reassurance, not only to the casualty but to bystanders who had also stopped. The three cadets stayed on the scene giving assistance and reassurance where needed until the arrival of the paramedics.

A BIG thank you to CFS Tom Dodge, Cadet Sgt Paul Johnston and Cadet Alice Martin, for being ‘concerned citizens’ and putting their training into practice.

By Cdt FS Vickie Sherwin
1936 (Newton) Squadron