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Newton Celebrates Double Cadet Warrant Success

Article posted: Jun 17, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Pass

1936 (Newton) Squadron has recently enjoyed double success with the promotion of two new Cadet Warrant Officers.

Cadet Warrant Officer Matt Lifford (19) and Cadet Warrant Officer George Stewart (18) both attended the recent Wing Camp at DTE Swynnerton in Staffordshire, where after a grueling day working on the training area, they faced the nerve racking promotion board chaired by OC Wing, Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson.

CWO Lifford & CWO Stewart

For CWO Lifford, who has over 5 years service with the ATC, this has been an eventful and rewarding year as he has also recently passed the coveted Junior Leaders course. CWO Lifford said: “The most rewarding achievement that I have gained so far in the Corps is completing my Junior Leaders qualification, but now I have reached the top of the Cadet rank tree as well.”

Speaking about the interview with OC Wing, CWO Lifford said: “I was nervous at first, but found it slightly easier than expected. I was asked in depth questions, but made to feel at ease. It made me realise just how much the Corps had offered me over the years, I can only encourage all Cadets to take advantage of the things out there for them.”

CWO Stewart has also served with 1936 (Newton) Squadron for 5 years. Up until passing his promotion board, his proudest moment was representing South & East Midlands Wing at the Regional Athletics Championships, where he took part in the relay.

CWO Stewart also found himself very nervous before the interview but soon found his way and relaxed enough to give a great account of himself and his service. He said: “I found a few questions made me think quite a bit, but that is what the interview is designed to do. As the interview went on, I realised that although I was now at the top of the Cadet rank structure, the Wing and the Corps still has much to offer me.”

OC 1936 Squadron, Flt Lt Jodi Hudson, said of his new Cadet Warrant Officers: “Everyone at 1936 Squadron is very proud of both Matt and George, they have worked hard to reach the heights of the Cadet Warrant Officer rank and are a great example to other members of the Unit.”

By WO R.C. Phillips
1936 Squadron MCO & WWO