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Newton Congratulates New Officer

Article posted: Sep 09, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Pilot Officer Helen Day of 1936 (NEWTON) Squadron, recently attended the Royal Air Force College at Cranwell to carry out her Initial Officer Training course.

Helen (25) originally joined the Air Training Corps in 1997 and was a cadet at 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron before attending university. She is now a teacher working in Nottingham. All Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training branch) officer cadets must attend the Adult Training Facility at RAF Cranwell before becoming a commissioned officer with the rank of Pilot Officer.

Pilot Officer Helen Day RAFVRT

The week long course for new officers comprises many class room activities and training to provide the skills that officers need to begin their volunteer career. Pilot Officer Day participated in extensive classroom work, on subjects such as current RAF commitments, and participated in drill and ceremonial training. Part of the course also involved training at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre, where officer candidates are put to the test physically and mentally. Further training is provided in Health and Safety, classroom instructional techniques, scenario work and team building.

All officer cadets live in the regular officer’s mess alongside full time counter parts, which provides an important and exciting insight into mess life. There were 18 other candidates on the course, which started its working day at 0845 hrs until 1800hrs, however much time was spent after work polishing and ironing, and preparing for the next day.
Helen said “I loved every minute of the course”. She is the first female officer to receive the Queens Commission at Newton in over 3 years.

By WO Rob Phillips
1936 Squadron MCO