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Newton Easter Extravaganza Camp 2013

Article posted: May 26, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 29th of March a group of cadets from 1936, set off to Kingswood activity centre. Then bus journey and at one point we got lost… I mean took a tour of the nearby town. When we eventually arrived at Kingswood in Yorkshire we unloaded our bags and gear and headed over to find our very own guide and instructor, Will. We then headed over to the accommodation in which we would be staying in which to our surprise was actually alright. We made our beds, and then Will decided to take us on a tour of the facility.

Then we settled in and then went for our first activity which was abseiling. This was a good activity though some people did not like height’s so they were very scared… sucks to be them. After we finished abseiling we headed over to the mess hall where we had our first meal at Kingswood. Everyone who had the beef was complaining it was too dry and it was bland but however I sat there being smug, apparently being vegetarian does have some advantages sometimes though everyone did decided to try and pinch my meal. When we finished up we went back to our dorms to get ready for fencing, we had a great time in fencing though I think some people did get a little too into it poor Ashmore up against Bilous. After we finished our strenuous activity of fencing we headed back to the dorm and got ready to go to bed we eventually went to bed around 11:00.

The next morning we woke up got ready and went down for breakfast thankfully for everyone breakfast was better than dinner, and now the mess hall was slightly more crowded as around 40 other participants had arrived the night before. We then left the mess hall and went up to our accommodation to get ready for out next activity. We did many activities that day such as archery, bush craft and tool making though that turned out to be how to make a sharp object to stab a vampire with lesson. We played football as we had watched a movie the previous night. Half of us, well not many of us, were exactly football experts even though people like Cdt Walker who used to play in a team, he only played for Radcliffe, which wasn’t exactly premier league standard, not winning a game in a season… quite funny really.

Anyway back on topic we then went to the mess and finished off what was left of the hot chocolate… we weren’t greedy at all. Some people also had some rather peculiar bread fillings (ketchup and mayonnaise and tartar sauce). We then walked painfully slowly back to the accommodation where we chilled and talked about ‘the banter’ from school but the NCOs did eventually get us to sleep.

When we woke up, we went and had breakfast then came back and got ready to do the high ropes course then we went on to do the last activity of the action packed Easter camp 2013. Though I think they really did save the best till last. The zip wire. This was probably one of the best activities of the weekend for a lot of us. A lot of us decided to go upside down. They always say you should see the world in different perspectives. After we finished, we headed back up to the main part of the centre with all our gear and took the camp photo doing the Easter camp favourite ‘will salute’. Finally after an amazing camp, the first of 2013, we headed home remembering this time not to take the scenic route.

Cdt Joseph Wilson
1936 (Newton) Squadron