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Newton Gains Two More Instructor Cadets

Article posted: Jan 21, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

The 28th of November was a big night for 2 Newton NCOs. For Sgt Paul Johnston and Cpl Connor Levers this was a big night for them. This was the parade night that they presented their planned 10 minute assessed lessons to Sqn Ldr Andy Pass RAF VR (T) Andy Pass, 1936 (Newton) Squadron’s Wing Staff Officer, to hopefully gain the right to wear the Instructor Cadet Lanyard (The highest classification in the ATC).

Once the 3 Cadets and 3 Junior Cadets were seated in the classroom, the lessons began. Cpl Connor Levers went first with a lesson based around Satellite Communications. He taught such topics as the 3 different types of orbit, what the ‘Perigee’ and ‘Apogee’ are and the different parts to the American Space Shuttle.

Sgt Paul Johnston’s lesson was based around initial expedition knowledge. They were taught about the different factors which would need to be considered. This would come in handy for the cadets when they would be doing their DofE expeditions in the near future.

Once both NCOs had presented their lessons, they sat down with Sqn Ldr Pass for a debrief on how well they did. Fortunately both had shown ability well over the minimum required standard and would be awarded the Instructor Cadet Lanyard to be worn around their left shoulder.

Cpl Connor Levers: “I was nervous all the way leading up to presenting my lesson, but as soon as I was up in front of the class, I just went with the flow, started to relax and the lesson just flew by. I’m sure having this new classification will benefit the Squadron in the years to come.

Sgt Paul Johnston: “The method of instruction course has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the techniques and considerations which are needed to teach an effective lesson.

By Cpl Connor Levers
Media Team Leader
1936 (Newton) Squadron