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Newton Go Bag Packing

Article posted: Jan 21, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 22nd of December, 1936 (Newton) Squadron did their bi-annual bag pack at Morrisons in Gamston, Nottinghamshire.

These bag packs are the Squadron’s main sources of income for “extra-curricular activities” for the year so support from the whole Squadron was encouraged.

The day started at 9:00am with around 15 cadets present. It’s a tradition at Newton for all of the cadets in attendance to place bets (friendly – no money involved!) on how much money they believe the Squadron would raise by the end of the day.

Throughout the day, more cadets turned up to partake in the fund raiser. This meant that by mid-day every checkout was occupied by a member of staff or a cadet. After a long day, the bag pack finished at 5:00pm, all the buckets were collected and thanks given out to all the cadets who ‘survived` the day.

I would like to thank all of the cadets who gave up their own time to support the Squadron. It will benefit you in the very near future for activities such as Squadron run camps.

By Cpl Connor Levers
Media Team Leader
1936 (Newton) Squadron