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Newton Goes for a Walk in Wellingborough

Article posted: May 26, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Two Cadet Corporals from 1936 (Newton) Squadron took part in the International Waendel Weekend Walk in Wellingborough. The weekend consisted of two days of walking 42km on the first day and 15km on the second with the South and East Midlands Road Marching Team.

All team members were told to arrive at Weavers Sports Centre in Wellingborough at 6:00pm onwards. Once Cpl Levers and Cpl Ellison had arrived, they got down to setting out their sleeping area for the night in the sports hall. Unfortunately, both were unable to stay for the Sunday’s walk due to exams the following day.

Once everything was sorted, the team went outside for a BBQ run by Sgt Finch of 2425 (Nottingham Airport) Squadron and a game of rugby/football. This was also the point when everyone began taping their feet and sorting out kit for the following day.

The Saturday’s march began at around 9:00am: a lovely lie in compared to the RAF WARMA march a couple weeks earlier. The team was all handed a card to present to the staff at each of the checkpoints throughout the day. This card was then to be stamped.

Once the team had completed the whole route and clocked up 42km, they returned to the Castle to collect their certificates and medal. Smiles all around as we were given some free time to go down to McDonalds or the local fish and chip shop.

After a well-earned Big Mac, both Corporals returned to the leisure centre and packed their belongings for the journey home.
Although this was the end of the march for Newton, it wasn’t for the rest of the team and they went on to win an award for being the largest uniform team at Waendal.

Sgt Connor Levers
1936 (Newton) Squadron
Squadron Cadet MCO