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Newton Holds a Fish 'n' Chip Supper Social

Article posted: Oct 13, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

To help parents and guardians of Cadets, get to know the staff and Civilian committee members who take care of their sons and daughters, Newton had an informal supper, complete with fun quizzes. It can be hard sometimes, to put faces to names on either side of the fence. Whether it is a parent dropping their child off at the squadron to the care of some staff member, or a staff member drilling a new recruit who is some parent’s child. But it is in everyone’s interest to know the other, at least a little bit.

The OiC of Newton Fg Off Helen Day decided that the ideal icebreaker was a supper, dining on some very fine fish and chips, organised by CI Andrew Sherwin and Mrs Sherwin.

Music was managed by DJ Cadet Flt Sgt Tom Dodge, and a couple of quizzes were held. One, a brain teasing treasure hunt style quiz designed by the fiendish mind of CI Andrew Sherwin with a prize, the other a more silly object recognition competition by CI Sean Swales.

The evening was a great success, and the hope is to hold more such events in the near future.

By CI Sean Swales
1936 (Newton) Squadron MCO