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Newton NCOs go for Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Article posted: Oct 17, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

During the summer holidays this year, 5 NCOs from 1936 (Newton) squadron went on their silver DofE live expedition. The expedition was located in the Peak district and lasted 3 days from the 7th to the 9th of August. Throughout the expedition the team did a video blog at every other check point talking about the terrain of the area just pasted and the moral of the team as a whole.

Moral was high throughout the whole 3 days, even when it was raining or when the team got a little lost on the last check point of day 1.

On day 1 of the expedition, the team walked through many different types of terrain, ranging from cow filled fields to quarry which were being excavated by explosives. The explosions would be heard by the team miles away.

After arriving at the first camp site, around 5:30pm, the team set up their tents to the enjoyment of the staff that arrived hours before hand. After the team had their tea, both squadrons doing expedition had a brief about the confusion with the route cards. Sorting out the route cards didn’t take too long and the whole team was in bed by 10:00pm for the early rise in the morning.

The team awoke, ate breakfast and were packed and walking by 9:00am. Moral was high due to the fact that there was a shower at the next campsite, something we all wanted very much. After walking a total of 18km, we had arrived at the second campsite. The place where we slept on this campsite was of a lot high standard than the day before. Mainly due to the fact that the field was completely level so no need to worry about waking up with headaches in the morning.

Everyone dropped their kit and relaxed, it had been a long and tiring day. After having our tea for the night we all set off for the showers. Moral was higher than usual since we had just had a well-deserved shower and that we only had one day left of walking.

After a fly fishing lesson from Newton’s own CI Turner, the team was in bed for the final day of walking.

The team awoke at around 7:30am to have breakfast and pack away all the tents and kit. Moral was high as usual. Before the team left the camp site, the last beginning of day video blog was recorded.

The expedition ended with us arriving at a Mill in Leeks with the Sherwood squadron’s silver team. In total the team walked 54 km.

In my opinion, the expedition was tiring but well worth it in the end since it gets us one step closer to completing our silver DofE.

By Cpl Connor Levers
Media Team Leader
1936 (Newton) Squadron