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Newton - OiC Pilot Officer Helen Day is promoted to the rank of Flying Officer

Article posted: Aug 20, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

There is never an easy path to promotion in the RAF VR (T), and promotion is always earned, which is why the promotion of Newton’s Officer in Charge comes as a welcome recognition of the work she is doing. Newton has always been a vibrant and busy squadron, but the change of CO is always slightly traumatic.

Sqn Ldr Andy Pass hands a well deserved Promotion for Pilot Officer Helen Day, who becomes Flying Officer Helen Day

(Now) Flying Officer Helen Day has taken the reigns of command and changed direction slightly to where she wants the squadron to go. A squadron is often the reflection of the effort and style of the CO and she is helping to take the squadron to new heights.

Well done Ma’am.

By CI Sean Swales
1936 (Newton) Squadron MCO