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Newton Silver D of E practice

Article posted: May 26, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Saturday the 5th of April 3 cadets: Wilson, Ashmore, Barskby and two corporals: Ball and Ellison from 1936 (Newton) Squadron woke up at an unearthly hour, something no teenager should ever have to do, to go on the best D of E adventure ever! At 6:45 we were picked up and started our one and a half hour journey in a county far, far, away.

We arrived at the campsite at exactly 8:30 and had our brief lead by Flt Lt Wheeler from Sherwood squadron, we were doing our d of e with Sherwood squadron. We set off with high spirits .Our CO Fg Off Day cheering us on.

We arrived at the first checkpoint with smiles on our faces. Then we set off on pursuit of the next checkpoint. We then eventually after what seemed like 10 minutes of walking arrived at our lunch break. We then navigated through the dales of Derbyshire overcoming styles and slightly weird conversations but our moral was high and we sang songs (Barksby enjoying abit of 1 direction)and ate ‘moralibo’s’ (harribo’s). We eventually made it to the campsite early and before the staff. We were so proud of ourselves so proud even Barskby decided to celebrate by eating 20 packs of harribo. We then had tea and played cards until we went to bed around 9:30 exhausted but in high spirits.

We woke up the next morning with ice on our tent. We go out of our tent and wrapped up warm then got breakfast. The officers came round there was a recurring theme of pancakes from Newton, though they were very nice heated up. At around 8:30 we set off in pursuit of Sherwood… I mean the next checkpoint. We arrived at the second checkpoint surprisingly ahead of Sherwood. The day was hot and we needed a lot of water but I had come prepared with my sun glasses. We eventually reached the end of the day ending up in Matlock Bath. Hot, sweaty, dirty but still high moral. We had our de-brief then set off home to shower, eat and sleep.

By Cdt Joseph Wilson
1936 (Newton) Squadron