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Newton Squadron Cadets Earn More First Aid Successes

Article posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Another group of cadets have received their Youth First Aid award this month. The cadets participated in a 2 day (12 hours) course encompassing many aspects of first aid training, including: CPR, bleeding, bone and muscle injuries, exposure and pre-existing medical conditions. The course aims to give the participants a clear understanding of first aid skills and to give them the confidence to deal with an emergency.

This is the 5th course to be run on the unit in the past 3 years- primarily conducted by Sgt (ATC) Daniel Finch and CFS Victoria Sherwin, with the help of Cadet Sgt Joe Evett and Cadet Sgt Paul Johnston. CFS Victoria Sherwin said, “I am well pleased with the progress being made on squadron in regards to first aid training. I am happy to be able to pass on my knowledge of first aid to such capable and brilliant cadets. It’s great to know that I’ve helped them gain a skill which could aid them in everyday life.”

Over the past several years, first aid has become a key aspect of the training program, varying from theory lessons and practical sessions, to field first aid and CASEVAC’s; all first aid training culminates in the Youth First Aid award course.

“These courses could not be run without the hard-work and commitment of all those involved,” continued CFS Victoria Sherwin, “I am immensely grateful for all the help of the staff and cadets, who, without their support, there would be no way of running these courses.”

With all this effort going into first aid training, the squadron were delighted to place 3rd at this year’s Wing Field Day competition, the highest ever achieved by the squadron. Staff and cadets alike are looking forward to the coming year with high hopes for more first aid success.

By Cdt FS Vickie Sherwin
1936 (Newton) Squadron