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Newton Squadron Ladies Guest Night and Cadet Awards

Article posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 3rd of November, 1936 (Newton) Squadron had its annual Ladies’ Guest Night at Cotgrave Golf Course. The night began at 6:45pm with all guests arriving by 7:00pm. Wg Cdr Nigel Dickinson: OC S+E Midlands Wing and Sqn Ldr Andy Pass: Newton’s Wing Staff Officer were in attendance.

The night consisted of a 3 course meal, speeches by Wg Cdr Dickinson, Fg Off Day and Newton’s 2 most senior NCO’s: FS Dodge and FS Wilson. Once the speeches were over the nights presentations began.

The following Cadets received awards on Ladies’ Guest Night

  • Best NCO – Sgt James McHarg
  • Best Cadet – Cdt Matthew Ball
  • Best Recruit – Cdt Michael Lincoln
  • Most Improved Cadet – Cdt Alice Martin
  • Warrant Officer’s Plate – FS Guyle Wilson
  • Field Craft Achievement Award – Cdt Alice Martin
  • First Aid Achievement Award –FS Victoria Sherwin
  • Aviation Achievement Award- Cdt Matthew Ball
  • Communication Achievement Award – Cpl Connor Levers
  • Navigation Achievement Award – Sgt Paul Johnston
  • Padre’s Jug – FS Tom Dodge
  • Chairwoman’s Cup – Cdt Oliver Bilous

This year was different from previous years, this year a new award was available. The Miles Award is a £50 prize awarded to a Cadet who has come up with the best Idea to spend this money to better their Cadet career or the Squadron as a whole. Cdt FS Victoria Sherwin won the award for having the idea to spend the money on gaining another first aid qualification which would help her to teach first aid more effectively on the Squadron.

There was also a special award of a picture of his old ship to one of 1936’s stalwarts on the Civilian Committee – Steve Rothwell.

The Squadron would also like to congratulate Cpl Alice Martin and Cpl Matthew Ball on their promotion to the rank of Cadet Corporal. Welcome to the NCO Team!

By Cpl Connor Levers
Media Team Leader
1936 (Newton) Squadron