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Newton supports the Paralympics Promotion

Article posted: Aug 20, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cpl Connor Levers and Cdt Stephen Swales were at Sainsbury’s in Cotgrave on the 15th of August to help support the running of the Paralympic torch event. The Paralympic torch was brought to Cotgrave by David Phillipson: A member of the Paralympic Tennis team.

The day started at 9:30am for both cadets although Cpl Levers arrived 30 minutes earlier to help prepare the inflatable hands, posters, union jack flags and wrist bands to be given out to the crowds of people celebrating the occasion.

Once the crowds started to form and David arrived the cadets were set to work handing out many Paralympic themes goodies to the passing children and the odd couple of adults. Cdt Swales was a great help at giving away all the goodies, asking literally every child he could see.

After a while people were allowed to come and pose with the torch and David, these people who got a photo also included Cpl Levers and Cdt Swales.

The BBC started interviewing people on their attitudes towards the Olympics and Paralympics including Cpl Levers.
“I was really nervous, thinking of answers to questions on the spot is hard enough but having a TV camera in your face makes it that little but harder. This is defiantly going to be one of my stranger cadet experiences.”

By 11:00am all of the Paralympic goodies were gone and just in time since everyone was starting to leave. Our job was complete so after a big thank you from the Sainsbury’s staff we were allowed to go home.

By Cpl Connor Levers
1936 (Newton) Squadron