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Newton Two Get Their Third

Article posted: May 26, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On the 13th of May, two Cadet Corporals from 1936 (Newton) Squadron were presented their well-deserved Sergeant rank slides for continuous dedication and effort inside and outside of parade nights, well beyond the call of duty of a JNCO.

For Cpl Connor Levers and Cpl Matthew Ball, it was just a regular parade night, teaching the new junior cadets basic drill and helping the cadets with their E-DofE accounts respectfully.

Both Corporals had been part of the ATC for multiple years and have experienced many different areas. These range from taking part in the recent Banner Party Competition to going on Wing Annual Camps to RAF WARMA.

On final parade, the flights were formed up and all seemed normal, both completely unsuspecting. Fg Off Day then came in and announced that she had two presentations to give out. Sqn Ldr Pass then presented both Corporals their new stripes.
Sgt Levers: “I really wasn’t expecting to be promoted; it was a total shock, a good shock though. I believe I have the ability to handle the responsibilities of a Senior NCO and look forward to future challenges. I’m sure with support from the current Sergeants and the other Senior NCOs I’ll be able to be an effective asset on the Squadron.”
Sgt Ball: “I’m very pleased and shocked to receive this promotion as it was completely unexpected, and I am looking forward to seeing what challenges as well as new experiences this rank holds. I’m also determined to adapt to the role quickly and get used to the various responsibilities.”

Sgt Connor Levers
1936 (Newton) Squadron
Squadron Cadet MCO