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NEWTON’s Annual Inspection

Article posted: May 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

The Annual Inspection of 1936 (Newton) Squadron and it’s Cadets, took place tonight by Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson RAFVR (T) OBE and Squadron Leader Andy Pass RAFVR (T).

The Wing Commander and Squadron Leader were initially welcomed by our own Civilan Committee Chairman Janet Greasley.

After a short familiarisation meeting with our new OiC Plt Off. Helen Day RAFVR (T), the inspection of the cadets took place. The Wing Commander paused regularly to talk to many of the cadets; taking a keen interest in their reasons for joining, what they felt they were getting out of the ATC and particularly keen on aircraft, if the cadets had been flying recently.

He followed this with an inspection of the new recruits, the future cadets for Newton. Many of the recruits have recently joined the Squadron, only weeks into their JCF training courses, and months until they will be able to formally join as a Cadet. He welcomed them into the ATC family, and talked of the benefits and responsibilities of being a good Cadet.

Post inspection, more meetings with the OiC, and finally a briefing with all of the staff present that evening, took place before they departed for their journeys home.

By CI Sean Swales
1936 (Newton) Sqn ATC