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Nijmegan on its way! at 2195 Sqn

Article posted: Jan 26, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

“Challenge accepted!” is the moto for Long Eaton Air Cadets.

One of the largest and most popular events in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and within the military – the 100 mile Nijmegan Marches training – has started.

South and East Midlands Wing Nijemgan training began with 38 cadets pushing themselves to get a spot in the team. It is only the first of several training marches but this weekend, several cadets from Long Eaton Air Cadets attend the first practice where they completed a 15 mile walk.

Cadet Warrant Officer Damien Simpson, Cadet Sergeants James Bland, Craig Harrision, Nicole Walker, Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale and Cadet Bradley Scriven are those cadets pushing themselves to get into this year’s 100th edition Nijmegan Team.
The day started with a briefing from the staff team where they gave a presentation of what Nijmegan is about and what to expect. It emphasised how challenging the Nijmegan Marches can be if cadets did not look after themselves. However, they also reminded the cadets of how rewarding it can be and how worthwhile this opportunity is.

By 10 O’clock, the 15 mile walk began with 3 flights comprising of 12 cadets each and staff members assigned to flights. By the end, after singing marching songs and keep spirits high, the cadets’ smiles on their faces reflected their hard-work.

Cadet Bradley Scriven said “I can’t wait to practice even more, we know the intensity of training is going to get harder and harder but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

Written by Cadet Sergeant J Bland