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Nijmegen Training- 20 miles

Article posted: Feb 25, 2016 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

This article is going to go over the History of Nijmegen, the training that goes into and personal experiences. Nijmegen is also celebrating its 75th anniversary as well as Air Cadets making this year an exceptionally important year.

The City Nijmegen is among the oldest cities in the Netherlands, meaning it’s got rich History in the city one of the most noticeable is why we do the Nijmegen walk. The walk is the largest walking event with 40,000 people- including 5,000 military walking it. The walk originally started in 1909 but was revived after the Second World War (1945) and the walk began again in 1946. This was when they started the walk in the City Nijmegen and is done to remember the war, more specifically an attack called project Nijmegen. In 1944 the City was taken by Germans and the English decided to attack the city, however this was a disaster meaning both sides had heavy losses.

Before we can even be sent to Holland we have to complete varies amount of marches starting off with 16 miles ending up to a 50 mile weekend camp. This is to prepare us for the ultimate march of 100 miles; this all will be a great experience for everyone. Personally I have enjoyed the training and there still is more to come, it’s been hard work and caused a few blisters but that’s what is expected from everyone who walks.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Yates: ‘I really enjoyed the walk and I can’t wait for the next one, even if I did get a few blisters’

Cadet Flight Sergeant Yates
Squadron MCO