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Northampton Air Cadets Skill at Arms Training

Article posted: Mar 24, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Richards

Thirteen cadets from 5F (Northampton) Squadron and three cadets from 1101 (Kettering) Squadron of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets recently attended a L98A2 weapons training course held at the Squadron Headquarters of 5F (Northampton) Squadron

The training, which was undertaken by fully qualified staff, is certainly not an easy task to undertake and requires a mature and physically strong cadet to not only understand the safety precautions and the technical details but also maintain a strong and stable position in which hold and carry the weapon. Cadets are taught the workings of the weapon system including how to strip and reassemble component parts as well as the required cleaning protocols for each part.

A high standard was achieved by all, resulting in all cadets passing the course.