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Nottingham's No.1 Goes The Distance.

Article posted: Jul 23, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Saturday 30th June, Nottingham’s no.1 Squadron, AKA 2418 went on a bronze D of E practice expedition with 1936(Newton) Squadron the venue of the walk was the Radcliffe and Cotgrave area, The expedition was accompanied by staff members from both squadrons.
We met very early (which cadets didn’t like) at the Plough Inn in Cropwell Bishop, we had all our kit ready for the weekend ahead! When all the cadets from both Squadrons arrived WO Bates (Nottingham’s No 1) and Pilot Officer Day (Newton) gave us a brief of what we had to do and promised us all that this walk would be a fun weekend!
We found the walk very strenuous and tiring as we had many hills to walk over and many of us may of got lost, only a little though (Cdt Akhtar) during the walk there were checkpoints where Flt Lt Bates (OC Nottingham’s No 1) would meet us and check to see if all was well. Many challenges were faced along the walk both mental and physical, luckily we all had it in us. The walk itself was great fun and eye opening!

Once we had completed our walk we had to set up camp at Holme Pierrpoint camping site, we had to put our tents up with the help of WO Bates or CI Kahla and then relax with a nice dinner and a lovely cuppa tea! Once we had finished this we were debriefed by WO Bates and then given free time to socialise and have some fun, I personally found this the best part of the weekend! Saying this many cadets decided to sit in their tents and just have a chat with friends and then set up for a nice sleep…

In the morning we had to wake up, early again, to get ready for our walk to Newton Squadron. This was very tiring as many cadets were suffering fatigue but still soldiered on to do the walk. The weather that day wasn’t on our side as it literally poured it down with rain. At the end of the walk, we arrived at Newton squadron all the staff congratulated us on completing the walk and gave us some tips on how to do better on the live expedition.

Overall, it was great fun as well as a learning experience as I learnt how to react with different weather types, how to limit the weight of my bag whilst having fun with my group and I would like to thank them for keeping the morale high during the walk.

A very special mention to Flt Lt Bates(OC 2418),Pilot officer Day(Officer IC 1936),WO Bates (2418)and CI Kahla (2418)for being there for all of us at the walk!
Cdt Brandon Lowe
2418 Sherwood Squadron
(Nottingham’s No 1!)