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Notts Police Dog Unit visits 1936

Article posted: Dec 03, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Pass

On Wednesday 14th November 2012, 1936 (NEWTON) Squadron received a surprise visit from three officers of Nottinghamshire Police Dog Section, PC Stuart Hazard and his trusty partners Police Dog Mij and Police Dog Razor.

PC Hazard has worked with Flight Sergeant Dan Haywood and WO Rob Phillips who are both Police Officers with the Notts Force, for several years and was delighted to pop in for a brew on a cold night!

PC Hazard introduced both police dogs to the squadron, however both dogs and handler are far from shy, as they appeared in the television series ‘Coppers’ in 2010, which demonstrated the unique link between four legged officer and handler.

PD Mij is a 9 year old English Cocker Spaniel that was donated to Nottinghamshire Police and is especially sort after to fight crime due to his specialist skills. Mij is trained not only to find the drugs that criminals attempt to hide, but can also find fire arms, components of firearms and ammunition for those weapons. Most amazingly, Mij is trained to sniff out paper currency…. in the form of Pounds Sterling, Euros and Dollars!

Cadets were shown a demonstration by PC Hazard, who placed a rubber training aid that had been in contact with illegal substances, behind a radiator. On bringing the playful Mij into the squadron building, the excited dog ran straight to the item. The squadron was assured by PC Hazard that Mij had not been watching through the window!

The cadets were then introduced to PC Hazards second dog, Police Dog Razor, an apt name for the 3 year old German Shepard general police dog, which has 11 months service under his collar.

Razor was put through his paces in front of the squadron and obediently followed the clear instructions given to him by his handler. With the demonstration in obedience completed, it was not hard to see how Razor had recently won the South Yorkshire Police Dog Trials.

With a press ganged Flight Sergeant Haywood acting out the role of criminal master mind attempting an escape, Razor ran down the fleeing criminal, grabbing him by the arm and stopping him in his tracks in an awesome display of power and disciplined training. Lucky for Flight Sergeant Haywood, he was wearing a special training aid of thick padding on his arm which prevented any injury.

This was the second visit to NEWTON by officers of the Dog Section, and was an excellent opportunity for Cadets to see the police close up and field questions about working with dogs, and using police equipment such as baton Taser and CS spray.

WO Rob Phillips
SWO, 1936 SQN