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OASC Training Day

Article posted: Feb 10, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Richards

Eight potential VR(T) commissioning candidates recently attended the second Wing Officer & Air Crew Selection Centre (OASC) training day that is delivered by the Wing’s Leadership & Development centre.

The aims of the OASC Training day are to better prepare the Wing’s VR(T) commissioning candidates by familiarising the candidates with the required skills and process / events at the OASC.

During the training day, the candidates practice demonstrating the required skills and qualities in discussions, leadership exercises, interviews and planning tasks.

Squadron Leader Mark Richards, Wing Training Officer (Staff Development) commented “the OASC training day was launched in 2015 and received really positive feedback in terms of aiding commissioning candidates’ preparedness for their OASC visit. This was the second course that the Wing has run and the candidates worked hard during the day. Their input, participation and engagement was great and we wish them good luck with the next stage of their VR(T) commissioning process”.

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