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One Step Up The Ladder At 1360

Article posted: Mar 12, 2012 by Flt Lt Waplington

1360 Squadron has gained some more NCO’s!

After submitting promotion letters, individuals were selected to attended boards held by the CO and Sqn WO. The potential NCO’s revised Wing Staff structure and various other facts regarding the Air Training Corps in preparation for their boards.

After a nervous two weeks, the boards arrived and in no particular order, each candidate took their turn in the hot seat. From basic knowledge questions to advanced situation based questions the candidates were quizzed on their approach of the situation.
Following on, an apprehensive week awaited the candidates while the decision was made.

Out of the blue, promotions were made on final parade of distinguished night.

From Cadet to Corporal:
Cadet Blake
Cadet Pollard
Cadet Terry

From Corporal to Sergeant:
Cadet Corporal Sellars
Cadet Corporal Collishaw
Cadet Corporal Hatfield
Cadet Corporal Carré

And more of a shock, the following sergeants without boards were promoted to Flight Sergeant:
Cadet Sergeant Osbiston
Cadet Sergeant Jones

Congratulations to all on this achievement!

By Cadet F/S Osbiston
1360 Stapleford & Sandiacre SQN ATC