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Parent Power

Article posted: Jul 16, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

As part of 209 (West Bridgford) Sqns drive to raise our profile in the local area we ran a recruitment stand at the Becket School’s Year 8 parents evening.

Sgt Richard Vincett, Recruitment Officer for 209 Sqn said, “Emma White, The Schools Extended Services Co-ordinator has been very helpful in identifying suitable events that we can attend. I got the idea of attending a Parents Evening after speaking to other Cadet Instructors. They found that getting the parents interested is sometimes more effective than getting their kids interested. It also avoids the stress of doing School Assemblies! Apart from speaking to lots of interested pupils I met one of my work colleagues whose daughter goes to the Becket School and a former 209 Cadet whose 13 year old sons attend the school. With the help of Cadet Fajar Rizal, who is a pupil at the School and Cdt Lydia Welham we were able to get the names of some pupils who were interested in joining 209 Sqn.”

Anyone over the age of 13 interested in joining 209 Sqn can telephone us on our Parade Nights of Monday and Thursday between 7pm and 9pm on 0115 9696434 or can visit us at 209 Squadron HQ, 110 Wilford Lane. Our website is