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Police Visit to 138

Article posted: Jul 22, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Police Visit to 138

Cadets from 138 Squadron enjoyed a great visit from two police officers from Nottinghamshire Police Force’s “special unit” this week, having the chance to look round some of the equipment that the police use on a day to day basis.

The police officers from the Arnold headquarters in Sherwood Lodge Drive spent the evening with the Cadets, talking to them about general policing, road safety, and the personal protection equipment they both carried.

The police brought with them a brightly marked Land Rover Discovery 4×4 patrol vehicle which carries specialist equipment such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and speed detection devices along with other specialized equipment for use in their job.

The cadets from 138 were split into groups to try on some of the equipment and see the vehicle up close and personnel. All the groups had the opportunity to ask questions to the two officers who patiently answered each cadet with expertise explanations.

Cadet Louis Harrington quoted at the end of the visit “I thoroughly enjoyed the Police special unit visit, I learnt a lot in the time they were there, and it was especially interesting when they told us about the equipment they use. We also got to wear some the protective equipment they use when they are on call. It was a good evening.”

Police Constable Andy Williams of Nottinghamshire police said of the evening, “It was great to see young people who had a genuine interest in what we do. Great questions, they all listened very well”.
Flight Lieutenant Harrison said about the visit, “I am very grateful to the two Police officers for taking the time to visit 138 Squadron and speak to the cadets and answer their questions, some of which were quite challenging about their job. Community involvement is incredibly important to both the Police and the Air Training Corps. I would welcome the two officers back at any time”.

138 Squadron would like to thank both Nottinghamshire Police and the two officers for giving up some of their valuable time to visit us. It was a real pleasure.