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Poole’s Praiseworthy Performance

Article posted: Jun 24, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Last weekend Cadet Aidan Poole represented South and East Midlands Wing (ATC) in Regional Athletics-participating in the Wing’s Relay team.

It was a damp day for Regional Athletics, making the track very difficult to run on. However, that would not stop Cadet Poole from enjoying the experience – as it was his first time partaking in Regional Athletics. The relay team didn’t reach first place … this time. But that did not stop South and East Midlands Wing from placing highly.

Cadet Aidan Poole said, “The rain made the track fairly slippery which made it difficult to run. However On the plus side it was great fun and a good experience with lots of laughs. I am looking forward to wing athletics next year.”