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Powered Wings for Wigston Cadet!

Article posted: Sep 23, 2014 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

In September this year FS David Timson got the news he was awarded a place on the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS) situated at Tayside Aviation, Dundee, Scotland. The Course itself runs all year round allowing 186 cadets a place out of the entire Air Cadet Organisation and the FS was lucky enough to be one of those 186 selected for this prestigious Scholarship.

The Scholarship itself covers 12 hours of fully funded powered flying with the overall aim of going solo. All hours accumulated on this course can be used towards a private Pilot’s Licence so by doing this you are already a quarter of the way there! The Aircraft used for this is the Grob Heron 115-D2 which is almost identical to the Grob Tutor that most cadets have experienced at some point or another in their time in the Air Training Corps.

Over the 2 weeks the FS spent up in Dundee he was put up in the 4 star Double Tree Hilton Hotel which is a real eye opener compared to standard cadet camp barracks to say the least! This mixture of luxury accommodation, flying and meeting new interesting cadets from around the corps was the best thing the FS had experienced with the ATC, he had this to say: “Overall, having the opportunity to fly everyday towards the overall goal of going solo and relaxing in luxury with some of the best people you’ll meet in the organisation has to be the best feeling in the world for an aspiring pilot”

On Wednesday after a week into the course, enduring 5 no fly days due to weather issues and being limited to 2 aircraft out of the fleet of 5 due to engineering issues David went through the pre solo checks required. When he touched down and taxied back his instructor Jori Dinsdale stepped out of the aircraft putting the FS in full control! After 20 minutes in the circuit and a perfect landing the FS was welcomed to an array of clapping from the rest of course 23 as they all went solo on the same day which is a course record!

FS Timson Said: “This has been the best thing I’ve accomplished in cadets so far without a doubt. From the accommodation, to the amazing instructor team over at Tayside Aviation and the great bunch of people you meet from all over the country when you’re there. I recommended applying for this even if it’s the last thing you do in the organisation. I’m thankful to HQAC for awarding me a place on this course and the whole of the Tayside Aviation staff team, but especially Jori Dinsdale for sending me on my first powered solo flight.”

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