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Probationer, Parades, Passing out, and Promotions

Article posted: Nov 18, 2010 by Flt Lt Waplington

Tuesday 21st September was the final stage of the junior cadets training on 504 (west Nottingham) Squadron as the Training Flight arrived in their freshly cleaned and ironed uniforms for their passing out parade. As the evening wore on an air of excitement settled over the squadron. Finally the time came and the cadets fell in for the parade. The 6 junior cadets waited patiently for their turn to step forward and repeat the cadet promise with their parents and other family members watching carefully.

Now fully enrolled into the world of the Air Training Corps they settled back into their respective flights and observed what was to come next. While the squadron believed the parade to be over Flt Lt MacAndrew had other ideas with the surprise promotion of 2 cadets. I would like to congratulate the following on their enrolment into the squadron:

• Cadet Walker
• Cadet Jackson
• Cadet Oakes
• Cadet Yorke
• Cadet Gray
• Cadet Blenkinsop

And the following Cadets for their promotions:

• Corporal Trickett
• Sergeant Coult

CI A Booth
504 (West Nottingham) Sqn MCO