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Promotions (First step on the ladder) - 2418 Sqn

Article posted: Nov 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently, I and four other cadets came down for any other usual night. The parade night was at the forest recreation ground to do sports. We had a fantastic night of rounders, running and other fun sports. As the night came to an end, the cadets gathered around the CO for a talk.

There were many notifications and finally it came to promotions. It was totally unexpected and all five of ours hearts were beating extremely fast. Me (Furby), Johnson, Foster, Harrison and Kearsley were handed corporal stripes.

As we shook our CO’s (Flt Lt Bates) hand we were all overwhelmed with joy.

Out of gaining a rank and joining the NCO team I hope to improve on my leadership and drill commands. I hope to be a very good NCO and advance up the ranks, like the other corporals.

To do this I will earn the respect of the cadets and always be fair but strict when needed.

Cpl Furby