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Promotions, promotions, promotions!

Article posted: Feb 21, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

Loughborough air cadets saw a triple whammy of promotions being handed out this week. Congratulations first went to our new Cadet Flight Sergeants Shona Kelly and Harry Cherry. Both cadets attend local colleges within Loughborough and have gone from strength to strength within the Corps. Shona is one of the squadrons most decorated shooters being awarded Region Marksman several times over for target shooting. One of her most recent achievements has been to organise and run a squadron talent contest. Harry Cherry is a solid rock amongst the cadets leading the way and helping put at many of our squadron events and was also a member of our Drill Team.
The next dose of promotions came in the form of three new Cadet Sergeants. Charlie Pearson, Tom Wilcock and George Stephens.

All three cadets have achieved a lot over the last few years, all have gained qualifications in first aid and particular mention to Tom Wilcock for attaining his Regional Marksman as well. All three cadets help run various activities on the squadron during parade nights and often teach the younger cadets.
Our final promotion goes to our newly appointed Cadet Warrant Officer Bradley Spence. Bradley has been a great asset to the squadron for many years with notable achievements in drill and shooting. Last year he came 2nd in the country for taking drill at a national competition. He regularly attends 643 Gliding School at RAF Syerston on weekends where he is currently training to be a glider pilot to get his G2 qualification. To attain the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer is no easy deal. Not only has he had to shine on the squadron, he had to have a formal interview with Wing Commander Dickinson, who by name runs the Wing made up of some 29 squadrons.

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