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Proud to be 1360

Article posted: Aug 20, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

All these early mornings really do show the commitment the cadets of 1360 (Stapleford and Sandiacre) Squadron have to the unit.

Having to arrive at the Squadron for 6:00am it really was an early start. The Cadets made their way down to RAF Wittering in Peterborough to compete in the biggest competition of the year, Wing Field day.

This competition means huge amounts to all squadrons around South and East Midlands Wing because of the different competitions all day that each squadron has been working hard on to perfect all year round. Competitions such as… Leadership, Modelling, Media, Shooting, Aircraft Recognition and the biggest, Drill!

Drill is the most competitive competition out of all the categories. Squadrons work all year round perfecting every stamp, every salute and every dressing. 1360 Squadron started practising the day after last year’s Wing Field Day in order that the cadets are perfect for the drill team selection.

It was a long and hot day for all cadets, the sun was shining it couldn’t of been better.

When final parade was called every cadet was formed up proudly with their squadrons. Each award was called and presented. 1360 Squadron stood with their heads held high knowing no matter where they came they would still stand proud as a unit knowing they had still won the banner drill competition 3 years in a row.
Aircraft Recognition isn’t always a strong point for 1360 Squadron but this year we had a new cadet! We had a cadet that was on top form with his Aircraft knowledge. This was Cadet Perks (14), the cadet who knew it all. It it flies he knows it.

Standing in the Squadron flight to everyone’s surprise Cadet Perks was called for first place for the best individual air recognition cadet award! Cheers were shouted and hands clapped proudly for Cadet Perks as he marched out to collect his certificate.

We congratulate everyone who attended Wing Field day you always manage to make the squadron proud no matter where we come and how we do. Well done.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Abby Jones (18) Said “Wing Field day is always a tense day for all squadrons. It’s also one of the most enjoyable days. I am so proud to be a part of 1360 Squadron they’re like my second family. I wouldn’t change them for anything! No matter where they are placed, they never seem to let me down with how they present themselves throughout the day. I’m proud of every cadet on the squadron. WE DID GREAT”