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RAF Waddington Summer Camp for 209 Sqn

Article posted: Jul 19, 2010 by sl1

Corporal Emily Tring of 209 (West Bridgford) Sqn has got to grips with a RAF Flight Simulator at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. Emily was one of 26 Air Cadets from 126 (Derby), 348 (Ilkeston) 138 (1st Nottingham) and 2418 (Sherwood) Sqns who took part in a week long multi-activity camp at the base.

Emily said “At the beginning of the week I’d had a quick go in a fighter simulator but mid-week I got the chance to fly the dynamic simulator for the four engine E3 AWACs aircraft. It was able to simulate movement with hydraulic legs and the computer graphics were incredibly realistic. The instructor gave us a flyby of Lincoln Cathedral and then I had a go at landing the aircraft. It was very demanding and I didn’t quite make the runway!”

As well as the simulators the Cadets got to visit the three different flying squadrons based at Waddington which fly the Sentry, Sentinel and Nimrod aircraft. They also spent a morning with 2503 RAuxAF Regiment Sqn and got to try out different pieces of equipment in the Survival Bay. Away from the station the Cadets visited the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford, spent a day with the RAF Motivational Outreach Team at RAF Coninsby and had a tour of the Officer Training College at RAF Cranwell.

Richard Vincett
Sgt ATC, 209 (West Bridgford) Sqn