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RAF Warma

Article posted: Jun 13, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Utting

16 miles, 20 miles, 25 miles, 40 miles and now south and east midlands wing accomplished 50 miles! This was over a 2 day period at RAF Cosford and it was an amazing achievement for everyone who participated and completed it.
The first day was only the beginning with the tortuous wake up call for 6:00 and with 350 cadets sharing one large gazebo it wasn’t a pleasant morning. However as the day continued the moral was high with songs from every group that was there and even the laughter from every cadet. Flight Lieutenant Mayoh-Smith was taking as a casual stroll as this was his 12th year doing Warma. We even had time to stop at pubs on the route. As the first day came to a close with all the cadets exhausted and getting prepared to walk again the next
That night the cadets were still going strong at the shop eating pizza, burgers and chips. The second day finally came with another 25 miles to walk and we were ready to set off again. Nearly instantly the singing began, moral was high, smiles everywhere.

Around over half way the Air Commodore Dawn Mccafferty even appeared and spoke to pretty much everyone in South and East Midlands wing. After all of those events all the cadets, RAF regulars and Overseas forces paraded with all the awards to be handed out to the top wings to finally earn all of our medals which we were all looking forward for.