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Raising The Standard At 348 Squadron

Article posted: Nov 05, 2010 by sl1

Staff and cadets of 348 (Ilkeston) Sqn ATC were tasked with the raising of the Royal Standard at Derby College when the Princess Royal visited to open the new £48 million building

Under the supervision of SGT Ric Batson ATC the four cadets , Cpl Daniel Alsbury, Sgt Mat Ashley, Cpl Jake Bryan and Cadet Milo Horsley practised until perfect their drill and ensign lowering/raising with only one unfortunate incident where the standard desended the flagpole quicker than anticipated and assualted Cpl Alsbury, (apparantly the standard was “really rather heavy”)

On the day of the Royal Visit, the four cadets lowered the Union Flag on the arrival of the Princess and raised the Royal Standard

The Princess and Lord Lietenant of Derbyshire then spent some time talking to the cadets and students before touring the building before departing, upon which, the Royal Standard was lowered and the Union Flag Raised again