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Range Partnership

Article posted: Dec 13, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Monday 5th December saw the completion of a successful year of joint effort between 209 (West Bridgford) and 138 (1st Nottingham) Sqns. The two Sqns have being combining efforts and resources to run shooting ranges on the No8 rifle at the indoor range at the Wigman Road TA centre.

At the beginning of the year 209 Sqn had range slots booked every month but with their rifles and ammunition stored at another Sqn faced a logistical problem. 138 Sqn had rifles and ammunition but no range slots. A chance conversation between the two COs and some delegation to the Sqn Shooting Officers later and a plan was in place.

209 Sqns Shooting Officer, Sergeant ATC Richard Vincett said of the past years arrangement, “This has greatly benefited the Cadets from both Sqns. 138s Shooting Officer, Sergeant ATC Paul Brown and I attended the same Range Course and so when one of us was running the range the other could be coaching. Between the two Sqns we have achieved a dozen Squadron Marksman Awards. On the last two range slots we have been joined by 2425 (Tollerton) Sqn as well. Once we can bid for 2012s range slots I hope this joint effort arrangement can continue.”