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Record Holder Sarah visit to Air Cadet’s

Article posted: Feb 21, 2011 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Recent winners of the Best Unit in the UK Award, 1211 (Swadlincote) Squadron Air Cadets were hosts to World Record Holder Sarah Outen who visited the South Derbyshire Unit to talk about her experiences during her solo voyage across the Indian Ocean in her rowing boat.

Sarah is the first woman and youngest person to undertake the crossing and had to negotiate wild ocean storms, encounters with whales and the continuous threat of being capsized.

Sarah was invited to the Squadron by Sergeant Matt Leedham who met her at a recent Duke of Edinburgh’s Investiture at St James Palace in London. Matt told us, “Sarah was hosting groups of young people who had achieved their Gold Awards and I found her to be one of the most inspirational people I had ever met and was incredibly pleased when she accepted our invitation to come to Swadlincote to talk to our youngsters.”

Cadet Corporal Victoria Allen added, “Sarah was a brilliant and awe inspiring speaker and I really enjoyed her talk. She was spot on with the Cadets who were amazed at what she has achieved.”

The 1211 Squadron are currently recruiting their next generation of youngsters from South Derbyshire, with a window of opportunity open for the whole of February

Recent winners of the ‘Morris Cup’ are to add the latest crop of 13-15 year old youngsters to their high flying team with a hand picked team explaining what they can hope to achieve through the Air Cadet Organisation, taking part in activities ranging from Flying and Gliding to Adventurous Training and Overseas Camps.

Squadron Commander Alyn Thompson told us, “We have had an incredibly successful year through 2010 with Cadets travelling to Germany, Gibraltar and Cyprus, 5 members of our team travelled down to Buckingham Palace in London to take part in a parade along the Mall followed by a garden Party with the Royal Family and another 6 have undertaken a Gliding Course where they soloed as pilots before they can begin learning to drive!

Our Squadron can deliver so much to the young people of South Derbyshire and this Open Evening will be their first step to taking advantage of our activities.”

Ruth Morgan
Training Officer