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Reginald Chicken and his Service to Queen, Country and the Wing!

Article posted: Sep 01, 2009 by sl6

As part of the inter-flight competition during summer camp, cadets had the eggciting task of taking the most interesting/unusual picture of the camp mascot. The story is told below…

Let me introduce you to a lesser known member of South and East Midlands Wing ATC Staff. He hasn’t been in the coop for long, but his service has been eggceptional. Reginald Chicken began life in China, and was brought over to the United Kingdom as a chick, where he soon gained citizenship. He became affiliated with the ATC in December 2007 when he was introduced to Fg Off Michael Nash at a Christmas party.

Reggie on the flight deck.

Brize Norton summer camp was a first for Reginald (Reggie to his friends) as he hadn’t been on camp before as he is a real spring chicken within the wing. He made a special bond with A flight when he found they were birds of a feather and quickly climbed the ladder and became a coop captain on the second day of the camp.

However, the real story for Reggie is his service on the front line. He dutifully volunteered for active service on the Tuesday of the camp, and was scrambled out to Kandahar in Afghanistan that very afternoon. He was very eggcited about it, and we all hoped Reggie wouldn’t crack under the realities of battle (some of the more doubtful amongst us thought he might chicken out). He survived the ordeal, albeit a little shell-shocked and returned to us on the Friday evening via Muscat (Oman) and RAF Akrotiri (Cyprus) for decompression. Upon his return, Reginald was promoted to Air Commodore and received his medal during final parade at the end of the week.

Reggie has been offered the chance to return to Helmand province to patrol with the regiment, but is currently working with 2502 (Hamilton) Sqn and can be found on most parade nights overseeing activities from his shellf in the trophy cabinet.

Reggie and the Pilot, Flt Lt Dave Ellis.

… This adventure was made possible by A Flight Commander, Cdt Sgt Garlick from 1181 (Syston) Sqn, who’s flight subsequently won the inter-flight competition, and crew of 216 Sqn particularly Flt Lt Dave Ellis who were all in on the yolk. Well done guys!