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Regional Cross Country - 2418 Sqn

Article posted: Mar 28, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

The purpose of the regional cross country competition is to identify and select the inter wing champions at cross country running, to qualify for regional level you must come in the top 4 of your wing cross country class.

Myself- CPL Radford and CPL Knighton had both qualified for regional by coming fourth in our classes at the wing cross country competition this meant we had qualified for the inter wing regional competition consisting of a 3.2 mile run at RAF Cranwell. Upon arriving we reported to the sports liaison officer who signed us in and issued us with our wing track suits, we then went for our briefing on the course and how the competition is to be judged and a quick pep talk after by our wing commander we were given our race times and allowed to go warm up and prepare for the race.

After a short warm up we went back inside to have our final rest before heading towards the start line to start our race, the race started at an extremely competitive and intense pace and stayed at that pace throughout the entire race. After we had passed the finish line we then had a few hours recovery time before final parade where the awards and medals we’re handed out to the winners and more importantly the overall champion’s cup handed to our wing for the sixth year running.

By CPL Radford
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn