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Remembrance Day observed by Flying Cadets

Article posted: Nov 09, 2009 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

Cadets and staff from 2229 (Loughborough) and 2502 (Hamilton) Sqns arrived at RAF Cranwell, 7AEF Sqn for a day’s flying on 8th November – Remembrance Sunday.

Although members of both squadrons travelling to RAF Cranwell were disappointed with not being able to attend the major Remembrance Day services and parades conducted in Loughborough and Leicester, the significance of the day was not forgotten.
Flt Lt Andy Faulkner and Sgt Rob Gardiner (both of 2502 sqn) conducted a simple Parade and Act of Remembrance at 1100hrs within the grounds of the flying school. Poppies worn throughout the day were also a visual reminder of the importance of remembering those who gave their lives.

After this solemn start to the day, the sun broke out and the cadets enjoyed a memorable day of flying in the Grob Tutors.
Most of the cadets were flying for the very first time, and it was heartening to think of a new generation learning skills that linked them to the brave pilots and aircrews of the past. Cadet Lauren Trivett (13) from 2229 Sqn really enjoyed the experience and said “The best part of the flight was learning how to control the aircraft myself!”
The clouds returned and the rain fell by mid afternoon, but cadets were satisfied that they had made the most of the weather and appreciated the fantastic opportunity they had been given as members of the Air Training Corps.