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Ried Buckle Bursary Candidate

Article posted: May 10, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

Soaring above the clouds

After a rigorous selection process, it was interview time for the Ralph Reid Buckle Flying Bursary. Flight Sergeant Liam Osbiston (17) had been busy revising for weeks after finding out that he was to have an interview with the board. As well as feeling nervous, he had to revise topics such as the history of the bursary and how gliders stay in the air.

Arriving bright and early at 1360 (Stapleford ad Sandiacre) Squadron, he was greeted by Wing Commander Giles, who explained what winning the bursary would mean. The Wg Cdr then took FS Osbiston through to the interview room where he was greeted by a further 4 officers who would be quizzing the budding aviator. They began by asking the Flight Sergeant Osbiston about himself and then elaborating on why he thought he deserved the fantastic opportunity.

History of the bursary and gliding terms were also quizzed. At the end of the interview, Liam was given the opportunity to ask any questions to the board before they thanked him for his attendance and wished him well for the future.

The next day FS Osbiston received an email which confirmed he had been successful with his application this year.

This summer he will learn to pilot a glider so that he can fly solo by the end of the course.

Flight Sergeant Liam Osbiston said: “The bursary is a fantastic opportunity for cadets to experience gliding, and I’m extremely privileged to have won the award”