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Risk Assessment Training for the Wing

Article posted: Feb 01, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Pass

18 more staff from across the Wing attended the first Risk Assessment training course of 2016 on Saturday 30 January. The course was organised by Squadron Leader Andy Pass (Wing Health & Safety Co-ordinator) and presented by Mr John Mauger H,S&E Adviser (C&E).

The aim of the course was to provide additional knowledge of the key aspects to completing Risk Assessments within the Air Cadet Organisation. This was an assessed course for which it is hoped that all who attended have passed (results to follow). Each successful attendee will receive a certificate from HQAC confirming they have passed.

In addition to the Risk Assessment training, staff also received the volunteer tutor training briefing to enable them to deliver the Cadet ELA in H&S qualification at Squadrons.

This course now means over 200 members of staff from across the Wing have received formal training on completing Risk Assessments and therefore will help to ensure Squadron activities are conducted in a safe and controlled manner.

Sqn Ldr Andy Pass
Wing Health & Safety Co-ordinator