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Road Marching and Nijmegen 2011

Article posted: Jan 05, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

The Nijmegen Marches is a 4 day international road-marching event held in Nijmegen Holland, during the 3rd week of July every year. Over 50 000 people attend the 100 mile (160 km) event with teams and individuals coming from all over the world. The march initially began in 1909 as a Dutch military training aid and then became popular with Dutch civilians, today over 44 000 civilians enter and 6 000 military participants take part in the largest walking event in the world. As a member of the ATC and for those who get selected for the Wing team, will take part in the event as part of the British Military Contingent (BMC). This consists of around 1 200 personnel from the Navy, Army and RAF as well as their reservists and relevant cadet forces. Each march morning the wake up alarm will go off at 0300 hrs and breakfast will be served until 0430 hrs. From 0430 to 0630 teams will begin the march in one of 4 contingents. You will march in a team of 12 – 18 marchers, all from South and East Midlands Wing, for 25 miles a day through the town and countryside surrounding the historic city of Nijmegen, whilst being accommodated in Camp Heumensoord throughout the week.
( This year 2011 we are also planning a Civilian Team accommodation will be in Nijmegen Town) To qualify all marchers are required to complete a 2 day 50 mile event. South and East Midlands Wing annually take part in the RAF Walking and Road Marching Association (WARMA) 2 day event during April. By this stage a team will have been selected to take part in the march, whilst only a limited number will continue to Nijmegen after completion of the RAF WARMA march. If you are interested in joining the South and East Midlands Road Marching Team, complete the relevant forms which have been sent out to all Squadrons and bring them to the first training session.

2011 Training Sessions (for locations contact your Sqn Cdr)
Initial Selection
15 January 2011 at 2248 sqn 0900hrs
29 January 2011 at 2248 sqn 0900hrs
12 February 2011 at 2248 sqn 0800hrs

Further Training
05 March 2011 at 2070 sqn
19-20 March 2011 at 126 sqn weekend camp
02 April 2011 at 2195 sqn
15-17 April 2011 RAFWARMA 2 Day March (Mandatory) – Leave Friday Night
14-15 May 2011 WAENDEL WEEKEND
27 – 28 May 2011 – SPITFIRE MARCHKENT
18 June 2011 at 1947 sqn

Nijmegen Marches 2011
16-23 July 2011 at Nijmegen, Holland
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