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Royal Air Force Cadets Dine Out the Past 70 Years

Article posted: Apr 22, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

1101 Kettering Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets enjoyed an evening celebrating their 70th Anniversary with a dinner for 142 guests. The dining in night, held in Kettering Masonic and Drill Hall, raised more than £250 towards squadron funds.

Guest speaker Group Captain and Regional Commandant Brett Morrell paid tribute to the cadets and staff in an inspirational address which also paid homage to the achievements of the South and East Midlands Wing in addition to setting the scene for the next few years within the Air Cadet organisation.

Kettering Squadron Commander Flight Lieutenant Guy Slack said “We had to obtain special permission to hold the event at the Masonic Hall and it turned out to be a truly special evening. We were privileged to have the Mayor and other local dignitaries such as Tankey Tuner, Chairperson of the Royal British Legion, along with members of the Royal Air Forces Association, who are great friends of 1101.

The theme of Flight Lieutenant Guy Slack’s address was “The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you experienced last year”. Flight Lieutenant Guy Slack said “I believe we at 1101 have lived up to this statement and over the past year we have seen all of the projects we wanted to achieve completed or well on their way to being achieved. At the top of our list we had recruiting, promoting 1101, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and sports. One of our cadets, Cadet Mehmet, has literally been a runaway success by coming second representing the UK in the girls class at a recent cross country event. With the 70th Anniversary upon us we should reflect on 1941, the beginning of the squadron and the 130 cadets who started the Squadron. During a time of austerity and desperation, like-minded individuals stood together to be a force for good. They dedicated their time to aviation and military studies, helping the community and assisting others with the sole aim of protecting the country and its people if required to do so.

So, during a difficult time some 70 years ago the Air Training Corps was born and RAF Blue became a part of regular community life in many towns and cities. Now, 70 years later we find ourselves in testing times, times of austerity and times of desperate measures and cuts. But just like 1941, we have a band of like minded young men and women who dedicate their time to aviation and military studies, helping the community and assisting others. And as we did back in 1941 we find the military and ourselves riding on a wave of community support. Once again, the new Royal Air Force Air Cadets find themselves being the vital blue footprint in the community – a role we hold dear, enjoy and fulfil well.”

The Squadron is currently recruiting young people aged between 13 and 17 and is open Monday and Wednesday evening from 7.15pm to 9pm. The next intake night will be Monday 9th May. The unit is also looking to recruit fundraisers, committee members and sponsors to assist with providing further training opportunities for the young people of the Kettering area. The Squadron can be contacted via a 24 answer phone on 01536 481999, or more information can be found on the website